Do you write her love letters? Every now and again my man gives me a bunch of flowers with a letter attached letting me know how much he cares for me.

Look after her one evening - cook her a dinner, run her a bath, then wash and dry her including her hair, then lay her down and make love to her.

Write out messages in breakfast cereal, write it on the mirror.

These small things are what will get a woman that truly loves you, just honesty and baring your true self.

Big money gestures are not needed thought something like a hot air balloon ride would be romantic and special.

Writing this makes me realise even more how lucky I am.

Oh and sexually look up something called yoni massage - the greatest physical gift you can give a woman. My first one made me cry tears of joy.

Write a note on the bathroom mirror with her lipstick. Write a love letter telling her how much you love and appreciate her. If she doesn't answer the phone, sing a little love song for her on her voicemail. Give her a foot rub. Give her a back massage.Do an extra chore that is normally hers. Brag about her to friends/family when she's present. Put on music and dance with her. Have fun!

make he favorite dinner-send her a letter telling you just how much u love her-and u cant imagine life with out her -invite some of friend s ove play cards-ask every one to bring music they like another bottle of wine and some friut-and converastion u supply the coffee,take atrip dowmmemory lane___letothers talk also call it a couples nite----good luck -alex

These are all GREAT ideas! I think you should start the day off by it being just about her. Don't let her know that you are doing something 'extra'.. she'll figure it out..Rub her back with small kisses to wak her up after the alarm goes off.. when she hops in the shower, make her some coffee and jelly toast, make sure to send her off to work with a kiss..Perhaps stay home and clean the whole house. (remember, women tend to be more in the mood if the house is clean and they dont have to think about a messy house). Bring her lunch, sandwiches and soda.. make her dinner, give her a great "rub down".. (head to toe), then bathe her (hair, body, ect)..Make a whole day of it... she'll never forget and it wont cost you a thing but your time and energy.