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What's the deal?

Published on September 8, 2012 by ohnova47

I met a guy 2 weeks ago at a club. I was dancing with friends and his friend told me this guy wanted to dance with me, so we did until the very last song played. He asked for my number, kissed me, and told me to call him.

I texted him a few days later and he was very nice, it was a simple conversation but he had to work the next morning so I let him go. I text him again the following and again he was very nice asking common questions and then he asked if I wanted to hang out with him, so I said yes. We decided to go hiking the next late morning.

So morning came, but it was quite gloomy. I got ready, got us some lunch made, and then it started to sprinkle. I told him about the iffy weather, but he was still ok to go. Then it started to rain. He suggested we meet at an outside mall after he was done with errands, so I agree.

He kept the conversation going nicely as we texted back and forth for a couple of hours. Then we started talking about school. I asked him what year he was in, and he asked me. When I replied I was in school for too long, but I needed about another year which wasn't too bad, he stopped texting. Now, it could be he had an emergency, his phone bill was unpaid, or he was really turned off about my answer. It's not like I gained or lost anything but I am so confused as to why this could happen.