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What would you think?

Published on July 12, 2009 by mightymouse

I wrote about this guy I been seeing know for about 8 months.That has been going from hot to cold..Try to talk to him.Got askeds like it not about how much you see someone that count but the time spend together is what count..He think it okay to let me down sometimes..Cause some things come up..Tonight he ask me up to his house right after work..Did not know at the time,I tired I would be so we had a picine at the park..That when I try to talk with him..I thought I would see then what he would think if I told him a couples of hours lately..Okay I come up with ya..We spend the night together..But he would have to get up early..Cause I work the next day...At first he said that was not a problem...Know he just gave got back with me and said make it sunday night cause we both have to get up early monday...anf work..But i working for the next 2 days..What would you think?What would ya make of this?Need some advice...Any help should I hold on or just let go?????I really care about him...He did said he enjoy being with me....Thank You Mighty Mouse........PS..I ask this if I run out of gas and walk in the rain what would ya think..He said I would askl why ya did not call.........Thank You any advice I would like...


I'm not sure what you mean he's being hot and cold. Sounds like you just have some schedule conflicts. Please explain.

I don't totally understand the situation as you described it, but if you have been with him for eight months, than I think it is worth it to stick it out a little longer. Also remember that communicating often and effectively is the most important part of a relationship.

hun, I'm not sure I understand your question... it doesn't really make sense. But I'm guessing you're asking if he really cares for you at this point since you said your relationship has been going from hot to cold a lot... it seems like you're trying to say that he doesn't really care for your feelings... but then he says he enjoys being with you... so I can see how you feel that way. The best thing to do is talk to him. I think you were trying to say you had already talked to him about it... but if it didn't resolve it, it needs brought up again. He needs to realize that you, as a woman, have needs and expectations that need to be fulfilled. You have desires and wants and feelings... and if he wants to be with you, he has to respect those. Just talk to him and if things continue to go sour, you may want to consider moving on to someone who can love you the way you deserve to be loved.