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What would make my mother-in-law write letters?

Published on April 27, 2009 by noneyurz

She does, and her mom is even worse. My husband's grandma is my main problem. She writes us(me) a letter about once every 6 months. The first one, called me fat, the second one, accused me of being a gold-digger, and the third one called my husband an alcoholic. Why do you suppose this happens?


Does it change the way ur kids see u? Does it change the way ur spouse sees or feel about u? Does it change the way u see or feel about urself? If the answer to this question is "it doesnt change a thing". Then you should just enjoy another column in one of these fashion magazines. The must important thing is to be the best mom you can to ur lovely kids and a wonderful gal, ENJOY LIFE!!! People talk and let's part of life. YOU, UR SPOUSE and UR KIDS are the most important thing in ur life, so give it ur best shot. ;)