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What Women Want?Who Cares Anymore?

Published on September 20, 2009 by theperfectdrug75

I am a 33 year old divorced male who was married for 11 years been divorced for 3 years now. For the past 3 years I have been trying to date with no success. What I have found about single women in this society is nothing short of disturbing. The are shallow, materialistic, "Gold Diggish", vain, haughty, proud, self-seeking, extremely picky, and very unrealistic on the expectations of men. It is not enough to just be a good man anymore. YOU BETTER make damn good money, be hung like an elephant, own a house that could be featured on MTV Cribs, and love them not matter how much of a complete bitch they are. I believe the reason for this is that they know what they possess that every man wants and they have become tyrants. They use they sex organ to manipulate, deceive, and generally make a complete ass out of men. In their defense though we allow this! So what is wrong with us? This society has created a female species that is nothing short of mentally unstable and generally unbearable to deal with. I think men have to come to the point where we collectively say enough is enough! Enough of the demands, of the gold digging, of the using sex as a weapon, of the standards that very few men if any can meet! What is even more amazing is that even girls that are not physically attractive by almost any man's standards demand these things!! Who are they to do this??? You expect a man to look sculpted while you look like a jelly roll? Are you serious?? LOL Or your short but you wont date a guy that isnt tall? Talk about DOUBLE STANDARDS? LOL....This is laughable at best!!! In conclusion I AM ONE OF THOSE MEN WHO DO NOT CARE WHAT WOMEN WANT ANYMORE!!!!!


Man... I can relate with this! Take a look at my picture. I am not an ugly man. I am extremely physically fit. I have a good sense of humor. I have been divorced for 17 years. My ex-wife used to beat on me, hense, "divorced." We had our ocassional spats. She was a self-centered, selfish woman. Yuck!
And now, after all these years, I have dated a few women. You are absolutely right about women these days! They can kiss my %4*#!! If I have to remain single for the rest of my life, then so be it. I will just sit back and watch society while relationships and marriages fail one after another. Todays women are selfish, self-centered, thoughtless, manipulating, calculating, deceitful, gossiping, rude, superficial, materialistic, shallow creatures. The term "creatures" is about the best description without being unkind.

You are absolutely right about their unrealistic demands and expectations of men. It is ridiculous, and any man who would even THINK about becoming involved with the adult children is a complete idiot.
Todays women are immature, unethical, without relationship morals: meaning they lack integrity and have zero reliability because they are dishonest and as immature as anyone could possibly be.

Women want and expect a man to meet some "god-like" expectation they have toward men, while at the same time, they fling forth from their despicable mouths whatever interpersonal trash they dig up from the very depths of their putrid bowels... and they do this with a superficial smile and the familiar tug of their crotch string to reveal their disgusting man-trap.

In short, there is nothing all that attractive and beautiful about todays women anymore. They are digusting. ...and they can't understand why men (like me) are filled with resentment and digust.

Well, I'm not that desperate. For those women out there who don't have a clue about what a real man has to offer. Maybe you would learn something by turning off the "Reality" TV shows, the network "Talk shows," stop listening to your extremely stupid friends and start treating men with the respect they deserve.

As for me: I am not begging anyone for love or respect. I have plenty of it and I give plenty of it. But I'll be DAMNED if I will lower myself to todays culture of a woman. None of you are worth my time. You stink! ...and I'm not biting. Go fish somewhere else. ... oh... and money? Yeah. I have a hell of a lot of money, too. That's my business.

OMG! This sounds exactly like the conversations about women I have with just about every smart and normal guy I know! But I really do think it's a cultural issue and not inherent in women as a gender. When I meet women from other cultures and those rare American women who either haven't been that affected by or have a strong enough sense of self to refuse to succumb to the cultural messages, I love those women! (sadly, I watch American culture eventually corrupt many of those same women). I think American society is so fcked up and I routinely observe how so many of the women of today are so easily manipulated by it. The most influential factor is our predatory capitalist economic system, which has bled into our relationships. Women therefore see relationships in mostly economic terms, thinking along the lines of "by providing sex and looking as good as I do, I should expect that, in exchange, the relationship 'market' should provide me with a man who will meet my list of demands." I am also thoroughly disgusted with the dating situation. You'll note that my "LoveBrief" is "Checked out for now." The truth is, my wife left me 12 years ago primarily because she felt I'd never be able to provide the luxurious suburban fantasy lifestyle she craved (interestingly, she recently married a man who HAS provided that for her, but she is totally miserable and unhappy, calling him "abusive" and an "asshole" and is now divorcing him!). While I'm certainly not rich, I make a little more money than the average person, so it's not like I'm financially a slug. During the next seven or eight years, she couldn't decide if she wanted to get back together, so she would go hot then cold with her interest in me. Her jerking me around really did a number on me, making me steadily lose interest in being in a relationship with her or any other woman. It just left a bad taste in my mouth. For the two or three years after our divorce, I went on dates with about five women (who, for differing reasons, I never asked out for a second date) and I went on about four dates with another woman but she turned out to be a real "head case" who wanted me to be her therapist more than her boyfriend. Since then, I haven't even been interested at all. I'd rather endure occasional feelings of loneliness than put up with and be a willing participant who condones American women's bllshit. I completely agree with The Rings of Saturn's statement, "If I have to remain single for the rest of my life, then so be it. I will just sit back and watch society while relationships and marriages fail one after another." And, like both of you, I also resent many women's attitude of "in exchange for access to my pussy, I demand that you provide me with the following list of goodies...," Once I saw a nature documentary in which a parasite embedded itself in the digestive system of its host and consumed 80% of what the host swallowed. So while the parasite laid there and got all of its needs met, the host was forced to scramble frantically around to basically find food for two--itself AND the lazy parasite. That's how I see most American women of today--the men have to make insane efforts (to make a lot of money, keep exercising to maintain a sculpted body, go out of our way to be considerate, provide gifts and adulation)--and all the woman has to do is lay there for a few minutes once or twice per week to get all the things the man has worked so hard to provide her. Screw that (or, more accurately, I refuse to "screw" that)! I've gotten off that stinkin' hamster wheel! Ironically, with a few exceptions, the only men who I see able to keep a woman are those who do not succumb to their woman's demands and don't care about keeping the woman happy. Only those type of men seem to get respect from their women. My stance is that, if I have to be that cold and callous in order to keep a woman, then count me out. I refuse to become a jerk just to "win" that game. I think the only way to change this situation is: 1) Like us, more men should boycott relationships until American women conform their expectations to fit reality and are willing to see us as a human being with whom they can have a mutually satisfying relationship--not objects they can use and manipulate to get more material things from; 2) Men need to openly confront and challenge those bizarre American female expectations and shallow values whenever we encounter them--whether from a woman in front of us or from the media (TV, movies, magazines). Think about how much men have had to change since women have confronted men for being so-called "chauvinist pigs." Since the 60s, men have been sent so many messages that we had to change and become more sensitive, caring, reciprocating, considerate partners (in essence, to become more like women). How have American women as a whole changed to be more sensitive to men's needs? Men like us have become disgusted because it has turned into a one-way street. Reciprocity is a foundation for any healthy relationship. And if woman only focus on getting their crazy material desires (not just their needs) met, a satisfying relationship cannot blossom out of that turd. Women kept tightening the strings for too long and those strings are snapping apart all around them. More and more men I know are checking out of the game. And, while neither gender is entirely to blame, I think we can mostly point the finger at American women and the American culture that has so twisted them into the freaks we now see.

I'm sorry you guys are running into these cows. It sucks. Not all women are gold-digging bitches. Not all men are whore-mongering douchebags.

We just happen to find a lot of them when we're dating because they're all single. Oddly enough, they're single because nobody wants to put up with their crap permanently, and those of us who are single have to weed through them like the parasites that they are. Sometimes we do something dumb like marry one. Don't worry. It happens to a lot of us.

I don't think I ask for too much. I just want a guy to be funny, interesting, smart and able to pay his own bills. It'd also be nice if he could cook, liked red wine and travelling, and enjoyed dressing up to go out occasionally (not paying for it all). However, none of the latter are dealbreakers.

Don't get me wrong; I love being treated, but I love treating my guy as well. I used to date a guy who loved his garden, so I'd go to the gardening shop near my office and pick out something for him most weeks. He still laughs about me trying to carry the 100-litre bag of potting soil down the street. . . :)

We're not all bad. You're not all bad. It just takes work to find the worthwhile people.

I would like to add something to my Blog...Women do you like being looked at as "pieces of meat", "sex objects", or nothing more than a "penis warmer"? You probably find these terms very offensive and are a little pissed right now?! Well let me let you in on a little secret! Men DO NOT LIKE being looked at as YOUR "walking wallet", your "retirement plan", or your "personal ATM". This is just another explain of the huge DOUBLE STANDARD that is plaguing this society. If you treat us like this what is then the difference between you and a common street walker? Well let me tell you what the difference is it's the VENUE!!!! You are NO different! So if you don't want to be treated like a common whore don't act like one. If you are going to treat a relationship as a common business transaction then you are going to treated as a commodity! When a commodity has served it's purpose many times it is toss aside!

Wow, I really loved reading all of this actually- even though I found some of it rather on the hysterical overtly misogynistic side- because you know, there is a male equivalent as well- with just as many unrealistic expectations...and women complain about all the same kinds of things (in sometimes hysterical overtly man hating ways...) But, let's be rational for a moment- really both are just types, not ALL women, and not ALL men- suck. There are intelligent people who are looking for love, and there are a lot of people who have not stopped to think about what love is or how popular/consumer culture shapes them at the expense of becoming genuine human beings with integrity. Much of what passes for love in our culture is anything but... and I think its good advice for both sexes to realize this and to stop putting up with bad behavior collectively. Being alone really isn't the worst thing you can be...