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What will you do about this kind of situation?

Published on January 3, 2014 by maverick

This is my story: A girl i love for the past four years, since her graduation from senior school in 2009, we started a relationship beliving we will end up as husband and wife but today the story is nolonger the same, reason been that i introduce this girl to one of my friend and this guy became very close to this girl, to a point he ask her out but she never told me all this when it was happening and the guy as usual end up to disvirgin this girl without being lovers he force the girl and make love with her, since 2011 but the girl was ashame of herself so she never told me what happened, since 2011 my friend have stop visiting me as he use to do before. Now my girl told me this on the 27 Dec 2013 after she told ask me to look for a girl that is better than her for her, she can't face me, if she is still with me she will continue to hurt me in as much as i insist she refused, is this my fualt?