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What to do..

Published on June 17, 2013 by c_oey

A guy in church has been staring at me almost every time were in church (and outside)...long story short I gathered he might have a crush on me. Now I'm starting to like him and would very much like to hang out with him. Recently I found out his name and his age...he's 25, I'm 28. We've never spoken to one another, but a few weeks back he came over to shake my hand during a part of mass. He seems kinda shy, but I don't wanna go all cougar on him and be the one to make a move. Should I just forget about him?


A 3-year age difference is nothing! Go for it! And it doesn't have to feel like you are making a move; you can go over and say hi, introduce yourself, and ask what he thought of the sermon. Let him take it from there.

It seems like what you are doing is working. If you are interested and he keeps moving closer, then you might be wise to just keep on doing what you are doing and return his gestures in a relaxed way.

Enjoy this time, it can be fun and exciting in its own way to go slow and savor. What's the rush if you are on the same path, enjoy the journey!

Thanks for sharing, my hunch is your question can help a lot of others.