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What to do when he doesnt want to get married?

Published on April 30, 2013 by tbt1980

I'm in a relationship with my bf for three years. Last year (after a 4 months break up) he promised me to propose and move to the next step. So we got back together but since then he hasnt propose and every time I talk about it he refuse to talk about it and he keeps saying why should we rush it. I really love this guy but Im tired of his empty promises. He got a new job and he is moving to a new town in 3 months. What should I do?


Since your not buying your own wedding engagement ring then you have to wait and not put pressure on him. Not to be mean, but when a man decides to "PROPOSE" it is usually a secret done in a spontaneous way without you knowing it was gonna happen. You seem like you care more about your "status" as being married then you do about the PROCESS. There is no 7 year itch so why are you in a rush. Please know this type of aggressive passive aggression can make men run too.Your acting a little obnoxious, so please just relax. What are you in a sudden rush for? It seems a little peculiar that you have decided to place "CONDITIONS" on the man and it makes you appear deceptive. If you are tired of waiting go invest time with another man and see if the current guys cares- which is my point to say: Men bring honor to women by marrying the woman, the woman can't bring honor to a man so you need to allow him in his time(which is customary) not on your time. Instead of trying to force,boss or manipulate you might need to learn how to be content and be patient because many women have tried to BOSS the man into proposing to them and that aggression has made men opt out of getting married at all. I would be careful because if you act too thirsty and desperate it could be a signal that trouble is stewing long before you even get married