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what to do so that he comes back

Published on August 22, 2013 by 1sara

My two years bf has gone backto his wife and stopped contact with me and thinks she is best woman..for two tears I was the one who stood by him when she left him all alone...n when we were all set to marry and he ready for getting divorece and asked for it from her within days she enters back her home and now they both living together. My question is my love was always true although she kept poisoning him against me by being super sweet to him and making him fall in the trap of guilt so that now he has gone back to be a good man....will he come back?? I don't want any other man. pLease help tell me wht to do to have him back


It sounds like he was confused with his feelings to begin with. It's probably not what you would want to hear, but I wouldn't wait for him. You're worth more!

I agree. It’s not worth putting your life on hold for someone who, from the sound of things, doesn't respect you. No decent man would treat you like that.

One of the risks of dating a man who isn't divorced is that he might actually mend fences and go back to his wife. I know this stings an awful lot. I can imagine that you must feel shocked, hurt, and sad all at once.

In this instance there's not much you can do. He's actually still married. And unless he chooses you and makes a stand for your relationship, there isn't anything you can do that would be healthy for you or him.

You deserve to be loved for the generous and loyal woman that your are. And if this man can't do this, you are better off without him.

Give yourself the time and space to mourn the loss of this man and this relationship. And when you are ready, move on and find someone who will truly appreciate your gifts as a woman and a partner.