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What to do?

Published on January 20, 2014 by packfan32

I had a divorced woman who began smiling really big at me when she saw me, tilting her head and flipping her hear. All signs of attraction. She very rarely talked to anybody else at the place we see each other. I asked her out, thinking she is attracted to me. She told me she has had a few bad years and that she does not date at all. Question 1- Do you think she is attracted to me? We had never talked until right before I asked her out but she has been smiling at me for 6 months. (We only see each other once a week and had a 3 month gap.) I don't know any reason she wouyld be smiling at me like this. If she was attracted to me wouldn't she had said yes, regardless of anything else? Question 2- I have tried to avoid her the last month so I could get over my feelings for her. I did not see her for a month and then when I did she gave me a little wave as she was leaving. The next week when I walked in the door she gave me a big smile; I was talking to somebody and walked past her without talking to her. I think she needs a friend if she has had such a rough few years. I would like to be her friend but I wonder if I get in the friend category I will never get out. Question is Can you get out of the friend category once you are in it? Should I just keep smiling at her and keep my distance and hope maybe she changes her mind someday even though I truly believe if she is attracted to me like she appears to be she would have said yes and the fact she did not means she never will. Thank You.