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What to do ?..

Published on July 31, 2013 by stoica

Hi wonferful experts. who help us achieve clarity and move forward ! Mine is a wird story .Last year a man star a conversation with me in facebook.Was such a educate person ,elegante ,that kind of man who really knows how to treat women.He is divorced and older than me .I have 29 years old and my mind was telling me you can,t just have fun at this stage in my life and pass some years with this great man and then say godbye ...He ask me to go out several time (i refuse him)I can,t forgot him really if he start writing me again i think i would say :let me think about with a big yeas in my mind.I can,t stop thinking of him .And of course i don,t write msg because i don,t want to let him think that i,am still intrested in him.The fact is that i make him believe think that i,am not....What would you do in my case .Thank you very much!