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what the hell is it ?

Published on May 1, 2014 by confused283

ok. so i am a 28 year old female. being unlucky in love is an understatement :). anyhow here is the story: i have this guy friend, two years younger, we work together and our relationships was all about hi and bye. then out of nowhere he started chatting to me and it he turned out to be an amazing guy. he would do amazing things like : driving me off and picking me up, we would text 24/7 and if we are not texting then we are talking , he even ditched this girl who wants to sleep with him to come and pick me up to drive me home on his birthday , the thing is he says he likes me way too much and prefers that i would be his body rather than losing if we went for something more. should i take a hint and stay away, i like him a lot but i dont want to be one sided love fool , i would really appreciate your answers esp guys


Let me break this down for you very clearly: "Be my buddy" = we will never be romantic. It is very simple for guys: if they like a girl sexually, they want to sleep with her IMMEDIATELY and ALWAYS.

Not only did that not happen, but he told you it would not. Save yourself a lot of heartache and move on. If seeing him platonically makes you upset, then don't see him at all - I'm sure you have plenty of other friends with whom you can spend your time.

Write him off as a loss.