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what should I write on my email to reconnect with my lost love?

Published on April 17, 2009 by misty blue

I wanted to write to him on his b-day . I have not spoken to him for over 20 years...But I have never stopped thinking of him. He is the one who broke up originally (30 years ago. He was 21 and I was 19). We reconnected 4 years later but this time, I rejected him without giving any explanation (I was so afraid of getting hurt again). We sort of kept in touch until he moved away, 20 years ago...


Although the circumstances are a little different, I have a similar experience and understand how you feel. I have not done anything about my situation yet, but I think the best thing for you based on what you have said is to open by saying happy birthday, and that you have been thinking about him. I am assuming you are single and wouldn't mind rekindling this romance if you could. Before you contact him you have to realize he may not be available or willing. That in itself should not be a reason not to try, but bracing yourself for anything ahead of time will help if he says something you really don't want to hear. Be sure to be honest about what has happened in the past. Good Luck!!!!!

I wonder if you're more interested in the idea of this guy, rather than the actual guy. We all have that lost love nostalgia. Most often it should stay nostalgia.

I have a question... He might be your "lost love" and you want to email him to reconnect, but what if he's not interested in reconnecting and you're just an old flame that burned out 20 years ago?

Thanks for your input. I am prepared for any possibility. If it's just frienship or even if there is final closing (I would prefer friendship though). I don't think that he would see me as an "old flame that died 20 years ago". I had a close encounter with cancer in 2007 and it has probably something to do with wanting to reconnect before it's to late.

I wrote a brief message to him and he replied with a short resume of what has been going on with him over the last 20 years but he also included a picture of himself and his girlfriend to show me how much he aged. I already knew that he had no children and never got married.

We continued to email each other daily over the next 2 weeks talking about his favourite subjects but always as 2 old friends, nothing personnal. Emails have stopped for 2 weeks now. We just ran out of topics.