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What should I get my girlfriend for Valentine's Day?

Published on February 4, 2010 by brunning

My GF isn't really into material possessions and generally considers stuff like expensive jewelery and labels to be wasteful. She's happy with her minimalist life, but it makes it hard to buy presents.

Please suggest something!


Sometimes what it means is more important than what it is. And you don't have to really buy her anything. Just a simple gesture, like cooking her dinner and giving her a massage would probably be nice if she isn't into material possessions.

I'm in the same boat. She doesn't want much of anything, and what she does want she has her own specifics towards (which she doesn't share) so it can be vexing, to say the least.

Adrian has a point though. If your gal is like mine, then the thought that goes into the gift, or gesture, will do more for her than the biggest diamond that Tiffany's has to offer.

Last year, for her birthday, I made a dartcase for her since she loves to play darts with her friends, and covered it with panels from Tank Girl comics because she really likes 'em. Multiple bonus points!

1) Its a gift that cannot be found on any shelf at any store. 2) Her friends definitely won't have anything like it. 3) It displays and holds things that she has a great like/love of. 4) It took real effort to create and wasn't simply grabbed off of a shelf.

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of thinking outside of the box to put together something that will be unique and special to her...and it could be as simple as you cooking her absolutely favorite meal!

You know your girlfriend's tastes better than we do.

What I think most women want is proof that you care. (I know that puts a lot of pressure on you, doesn't it?) Women who don't care about the cost of the present are looking for something that you put time and thought into. So anything you made yourself. Alternatively, something that shows you know her and have been paying attention to her tastes, like a book or CD she will enjoy.

A nice date spending time together doing something you both enjoy is good, too. Women tend to like things where you talk to each other like a walk or dinner more than watching a video together.

The key is, we want something you had to work at.

When she says she doesn't want jewelry, she's pulling your leg. There isn't a woman on the planet that can honestly say she doesn't like jewelry. Sounds like a test brother.

Q and Brunning: Go over to and buy her a nice handmade gift of a necklace, a lovely purse of print.

The stuff on Etsy is hand made, unique and supports local artisans (not large corporations). Do it. As a minimalist lady myself, I would love something like that.

Or else, I think you should just take her out to a NICE restaurant and give her the gift of some of the best food she's ever tasted.