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what should i do?

Published on April 28, 2009 by melissa strange

I am leaving town soon to get a job & iI asked a very dear friend of 10 years for a 1 night stand He went all out that night and it was awesome . Turns out to be so loving and cuddly and sweet and simply great I love him not like before but as a lover. After that night he came by after work cuddled with me on the couch we have been together in a week 5 out of 7 nights. He calls me most of the time he works long hours on monday and tuesdays. Anyways I want to tell him I know it wont change the fact that i am leaving but i will be back as his friend and lover should i tell him how i feel? If so in a letter or face to face. who knew i would fall in love with a dear friend


You should tell him how you feel. Love never comes when you plan for it. Embrace it - people can't trying fall in love unless they allow themselves to be vulnerable.

Good luck!

I agree. Face to face is the best. Maybe you can write a letter and give it to him in person. Wait for him to read it and then have a talk with him.