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What should I do when my boyfriend drinks?

Published on December 28, 2012 by anniemahoney

My boyfriend has been getting drunk a lot recently. He's not abusive or anything, it's just that I worry about him a lot when he goes out. I trust him completely but I worry about how he'll get home and stuff like that. We don't live together and I can't always be there for him. I've never wanted to be the over protective girlfriend and I don't want to come off as that. When I tell him how I feel he tells me it's okay because he's an "Irish man" and that's what they do. I just really don't know what to do. I don't want him to think that I'm trying to change him or turn him into something he's not.


That "Irish man" stuff is BS - he's an alcoholic (or well on his way to being one). You need to tell him he needs to join Alcoholics Anonymous (or some other alcoholism support group), dry up and get his $hit together if he wants to continue his relationship with you. If he refuses or doesn't stick to it, walk away and be glad to be rid of him. Even if he does sober up, you need to seriously ask yourself if you're up to what it will take to have a relationship with a man who has addiction problems. He may fall off the wagon, or he may fall into some other addiction (drugs, gambling, etc.)