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what should i do??? *urgent*

Published on November 26, 2012 by lolmlg

My bestfriend and her ex broke up. She moved on quick. She started dating a new guy within a week. And then he texted me 4 weeks after and said hey. 4 hours into our texting he tells me he really likes me. I tell him I like him back because I do. Well then he's like What are we gonna do and I said not tell anyone for rht now. And he says okay. Well I told my brought it up to my friend. I said do you think it would be weird if one of our friends dated Duncan(the boy) and she said no! I Think it would be really sweet! And I've moved on so he should too! And I said oh okay And thenwe didn't talk about it anymore. Then that weekend Duncan texted her and said I really like one of Your friends but she thinks you'll be mad at her. And she said I wouldn't be mad at her or you. I think you should go for it if she likes you back and ten Duncan said can you tell her that because she wont believe me and she's says of course who is it? And he says Mary Lauren (my name), and she says oh okay. Well this happened in Sunday. Monday Ellie (the girl) and I had cheer and her mom always give me a ride. She was Aldo giving one of our other friends a ride. In the car we stared talking about Taylor swift and she says hoes people take other girls boyfriends Are trashy. Trasshhhy. And I was like okay? And then she(the mom) turns around and goes so rmare you and Duncan dating? And I said no ma'am. What? Nd she goes Wellington don't hunk it was very nice that you were texting him when he was still dating Ellie. And I'm thinking wtf??! I wasn't. And Ellie says mom she's wasn't. And the mom goes yes she was honey he showed us the messages andd so I was thinking what message andthee only message I sent Jim when they were texting was talking about how his I had run inti his sister at a store and how coil she was. Isn't hat crazy?!!! And so we go to cheer and the mom calls my mom! And says all this shit about how I broke up Ellie And Duncan and how I pursued him and how I did this on purpose and that icwas scheming. And so I got into loads of trouble and I am not allowed to date Duncan. The thing is the only people that had a problem with me dating Duncan is the mom and my mother. Ellie doesn't care which is the person I was worried about. I a then Duncan didn't know what was happening. He didn't know I was in trouble so I wrote him a letter explaining everything And apparently I wasn't supposed to have any communication with him so I got in even more trouble but we are were texting on my sisters phone and have been for the past week. And he told me that he loved me and I think I'm in love with him too. But I don't know what to do because we can't date. Like ever. But he said he wants to wait. And he wants To contact my mom and explain his side. My mom doesn't like him to start off because she thinks he has a bad reputation. My mom just wants me to move in but I can't. I'm in love. I can't help it. Help!!!!!


well if she deosnt care if u and duncan dated then why did she tell her mom?i think she dont care but she's selfish and still want him for herself eventhough they are apart its just becoz no reason needed some people are like zs coz she could shut her mouth and say nothing cz its no one's business if u wana date him and vicce versa.