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What should I do about my virginity?

Published on July 8, 2012 by strawberrypanda2

I still haven't lost my virginity, but I believe the first time should be special and with someone you trust. But to me, I can't trust anyone more than my friends. I even have a close friend with whom I'd be willing to give it up, but I'm afraid it could ruin our friendship. However, I don't trust anyone more than I trust him. I wouldn't have the confidence to lose it to a boyfriend and have him leave me or something silly like that. What should I do in this situation?


You will know in yourself when you are ready to loose your virginity. It's a massive thing and you are very right you need to trust the person you choose to loose it too but also you need to love them, you need to be in a stable relationship. This close friend is that you trust him not to laugh or tell people or that you trust him to care for you look after you and never break your heart? and lets face it most people arent with the first person they slept with but I tell you now i wouldnt change my first for the world because at the time i was ready he was ready and we loved each other but then we both changed as people do and that is just a part of life.

Well, why not wait until you are married? You will trust him and all that good stuff. I wouldn't suggest losing it to a friend. Emotions usually come with the loss of virginity. If you end up wanting something more and he doesn't, you'll be even more distressed.

Why are girls today so willing to give up there virginity to whom ever. And they are confused because it not the trust thing per-say its the love and with love comes trust so don't just give it to him because you trust him give it because you love him and WHY NOT WAIT UNTIL YOUR MARRIED and give not only your being but one of the most beautiful thing that a women could ever give a man. Remember this saying why would a man buy the cow if he is already getting the milk for free. So other don't do it.