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What Should I Do

Published on April 10, 2013 by soccergal14

So here is my story. I've been dating this guy for about 5 months. It was an off and on. So i broke up with this guy the first time because, i found pictures on his computer, pictures of half naked girls, and they were girls he knew, or friends with on instagram and he wouldnt deleted them, and he said they are memories. Then i regreted that decision and got back with him. Then the second time i broke up with him because, he started paying more attention to his video games, and i just felt like i was nothing but a door mat to him. I was doing everything for him, cooking him dinner, doing his laundrey and pretty much picking up after him, while he played his games till 3 in the morning. And so we gave it a few days and got back together. I have an issue with jelousy and trust. He has lots of girl-friends, so it made me feel like i wasnt the only girl in his life. I'm not a needy person, but i like to feel like im loved and i like affection. It just comes from my family background, I was abandoned by my biological parents, so losing people is really hard for me. Anyways, I'm a great loving person and extremely friendly. And his mother and i get a long very well. Okay beside the point. He doesnt text me as much as he use to, and or tell me he loves me. When we are together we have a great time, but when we are apart i just like he doesnt want to be with me. So what should i do? am I wasting my time or does he deserve better? I need help. He doesnt take any responsibility, and puts all the blame on me, and say i have the issues.


It sounds like your suffocating him and then playing the victim. As a man I would really ask that you stop cleaning,cooking, and doing laundry because for YOU this turns out to be a weapon you use later but act like your doing it out of love when you want something in exchange to hold over his head later. ARe you getting into his house just to spy on his computer while your there(?), start squabbles over ex-girlfriends with issues of insecurities, or to play maid,mom and jury(?) Or all of the above? To be kind to you, I think you should try to get counseling for your own insecurities and not try to FORCE his affection and use his gaming activities to compare and insult him in his own house because that is really rude. Any guy will be turned off if he believed you only come by so you can play supervisor,judge and monitor of his past affair with women when it appears he is sort of a bachelor. Men like women who are secure with themselves and with some counseling you can get their, but i think you are tooooooooo consumed with trying to judge him when its apparent he is single and loving being him, which shouldn't be up for discussion because YOU ARE A GUEST IN HIS HOUSE. No matter how good sex is, how good you cook, or how well you clean up and wait patiently for him to finish his recreation gaming- You have to have manners, be respectful, and not transfer your misguided desires to control and dictate what he should do at any given time because he will eventually resent you