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What should i do?

Published on February 26, 2013 by wendyoung

Ok so i'm not sure how to go about this but i have been dating this guy and we have been off an on on for a little over a year. Fist time we broke up was because things got really crazy but we ended up getting backe together we dated for awhile after that, The second time we break up was because he was confused on his feelings like he said he knows he loves me and i'm an amazing fun and beautiful person and treats him really good but cant explain why his confused and want to date again and see if things will change and really want them to and i really want things to change to but he has this wall over his heart and his having a really hard time getting over that wall and i would like to show him that its ok to let go i just don't know how his there anyway i can break through to him? (if this makes any since) help!