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what should i do?

Published on July 5, 2014 by alexischoi

i just graduated from high school and waiting for my public exam results to be released so i took on a part time job at a clothing store. i met this guy,H, who also went to my school and also working as a new part time sale assistant like me. We got close in these several days cuz we went to the same school and working the same job. we extended our chat from work to facebook. i began to fall for him and i think at a certain level he is too,im not sure though. i have already decided to study overseas and i dont wanna start a relationship now that may resulted in getting our hearts broken in the end...he knows well im leaving town soon but he flirts with me constantly and saying that he misses me at work...and the worst is i cant help but flirting back...i am trying as hard as i can to avoid doing anything that may send the wrong message. i am scared that sometime soon he will ask me if im available...what should i do?


I wouldn't worry too much about it until he actually does ask you if you are available -- and even then, just be honest with him about your situation. Don't sweat too much about it, if it is meant to happen and work out then it will (I mean, if it's meant to happen, then you'd probably be in contact while you are abroad anyway). You have plenty of opportunities yet anyway. :-)

I suggest avoiding any communication that is intimate. He is working a playbook. Perhaps you should evaluate the type of flirting so he doesn't get the wrong impression.