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What must I do to have her

Published on October 8, 2012 by michael a.

First off, should one be attempting to deal with a woman in the work place? i so much want this lady but do not know if I should request her to be mine. She knows I lost my wife seven years this past Sept., but she also knows I am a straight forward person about what I want; we have had said discussion. How do I go about requesting anything from this woman?


You do sound like someone who is up front with people. So the first question you are going to have to ask yourself is: What does it mean to have a relationship with someone at your work environment? there are policies about those things for good reason. Are you if this is really serious , willing to leave that place of employment? another really good question. Have you asked yourself about these things? When and if you have, the next thing is then : How are you going to conduct yourself with her in the work place if this relationship begins? If after all those questions are answered with real honesty on your part then the first thing you should probably do is outside of the work environment, ask her to meet you and get to know you. Who we are at work and who we are in our private lives can be two very different things. If you as you stated have had this discussion did she not already tell you her feelings on this scenario? If she has , is this question going to have you not hear what she has already shared with you? Think these questions over I will be glad to talk with you and see where you come to with your decision.