This is a hard question to answer. If a guy is like me, "random" he does not plan romance, it just happens.

I had just bought a house, and was in the process of fixing it all up, my girlfriend was over helping me. Her favorite song came on the radio and I walked away from my project made her put down her paint brush and danced with her.

One spring evening we where sitting on the couch and out of no where I decided to drive out to a nature trail and picked wild flowers with her as the sun was setting.

If a guy is less spontaneous and plans more, he would probably serve breakfast in bed, , light candles and leave a trail of rose petals to a bath tub, but that is not really my style. I am just a spontaneous kinda guy.

this isnt a hard question... all you need is roses and a candle.. you could take her to a hotel and tell them to throw peddles on the floor and light candles (red ones)... made sure you have an ice to rub on her body (where air dont touch), or a rose whichever you want..