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What is the meaning of dating?

Published on July 28, 2009 by adi_0969

When you hear "we are dating" what does it mean? Is dating like we aren't yet exclusive but we are going out or what is it... I am so confused? Because i have heard so many meaning towards this. So what is it?


Dating is different in many cultures. In many, dating means that you go out on dates with a specific person. Although both partners have the right to see other people, they usually tend to only go out on dates with each other. There is also another meaning where dating means both parties date each other and it's frowned upon to date someone else without first leaving the status "dating" with the former partner. I believe it's dependent on the type of community you live in.

Dating is what you and the guy you are with decide on. The only way you can make sure you're dating, you need to TALK TO HIM about it.

Lyz is right on with it. Its for you and your partner to decide on. Terminology can be very confusing, and there has been quite a few debates on what certain terms mean, even down to "Do we really need to refer to the person we are involved with as boyfriend/girlfriend, or whatever?"

Its always up to you and the other person to sit down and discuss what you are to each other. Its the best way and it eliminates any confusion. If, in that discussion, things still aren't cleared up then be sure that you each give definitions of what you both mean.

The best thing to remember is that its your relationship, whatever type of relationship that is. You both define it and create the rules and boundaries for it based on your personal rules and boundaries, but you need to do it together so that you both are on the same page.

my new boyfriend and I just had this discussion last night.. My interpretation of dating has always been you're going on dates with it could be one person or more. I found out last night he had been calling me his girlfriend to his dad and friends. I'd always tell people I was dating someone and noone else. Everyone will have a different opinion on this and it's best to just talk about it....