LOVE What a word. It can mean so many things to everybody. That's like asking how does sex feel? I feels different to everybody, cause everybody is different. Yes, you can fall in love sevral times, I know, I've been in love three times, married twice. And it depends on your age at the time, I fell in love at 20 the first time, married and had two boys withing 2 years. No the sex wasn't wonderful, just for him. We were too young to understand forplay and orgasms and the like. We were divorced within 2 years. Then number 2 came along and he helped raise my two sons and we had a daughter together. He understood foreplay and orgasms. We grew together as a couple and he was wonderful till the day he died. And, yes, I'm in love again, at 60, he's 67 and adores me. Love is different at all ages and so is relationships. This you have to remember, always keep the imagination alive during your "love" relationship. Imagination is the "aphrodiasiac" of any relationship. Trust me on this. Being in love doesn't mean you have to have sex evrytine you are together. If you can just caress, cuddle, kiss softly, and be loving to one another, that's a beautiful thing. If the sex part happens, so be it. If not, don't worry about it. If you can relate to one another without sex coming onto the scene, WONDERFUL. You feel so good just being close. Think about it.

What is love? Great question. I really feel that to be in true love, is something that if your fortunate enough, you will find true love once in your life. The term soul mate in my mind really applies to what I mean by this.

When you meet that special someone who you look at and they look at you, you both click on every level. I don't mean just things in common, that is one level but it's as though your on the same depth of passion in everything that make up the two of you and even though you may have some different feelings on issues, you are a total support and backbone to each other in all areas of life.

Spiritually, physically, emotionally, all areas click perfectly between the two of you that truly matter.

When you do have a difference of opinion on small issues, the overall goal is always to life the other person up and to be there for them, understand where they are coming from and you have no need to compete or try to put them down in anyway because you love each other so deeply.

Love is really something so deep in meaning that words can hardly do it justice. It's waaaaaaaay more then just getting along with someone and liking that person.

With all this said, I've never been truly in love myself but this is what I know deep in my heart that true love will be, I will never marry until I find true love.

I fell in love with my husband at the age of 16. I loved him from the day I met him. Really, "love at first sight", even before we spoke. He was going fishing and I invited myself to go along. He said "No" 3 years later, we had our first date. 2 years later, he asked me to marry him and I said "No" 10 years later, he asked me again, I still said "No" and he refused to accept that answer. We've been married for 7 years now, but I have always loved him, even on the days I didn't always like him. For several years, I refused to speak to him, but I always knew, if I really needed him, he would be there. For me, way back then and even today: He makes me blush I still get butterflies in my stomach He's my best friend He looks at me like I'm still 16 He's still my hero- he's been rescuing me my entire life I trust him The sex is great I feel more feminine because he's so masculine

My own personal belief is that True Love is being unconditionally loved by someone that is not a parent and/or blood relative that love you unconditionally anyway.( at least their supposed too ) My husband and I married and divorced each other more than once and I didn't love him as truly as he loved me until a few years later in our relationship. We married young especially me I was barely 18, he was 23. He taught me so much and loved me no matter what I said or did during our separations and divorces. Not in a love sick puppy I'll put up with anything for you kind of way but with a deep heart felt affection that others could see when he looked at me. He loved through his anger and disappointment as well. I lost him in 1999 fatal car accident, I unfortunately didn't realize the depth of his heart until it stopped beating.