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What if he keeps pictures of old girlfriends up?

Published on July 6, 2010 by kin2lu

My bf of a year continues to keep pictures of his old girlfriends up around his house, on his wall, mantel and bar..eventho he says they are just friends and he knows it annoys me. He gets agitated if I suggest putting them away. Is this a sign that our relationship is not serious or is this something I should learn to live with?


Get away from this guy and stay away!! The exact same thing happened to me some years ago, "Oh, she's just a friend," blah, blah, blah...vomit... He had been in love with the woman in the photos for years and I was just around to entertain him until he could get her back. Sweetie, if this bothers you even a little bit, don't stand for it. You're too good for this insecure guy. Ever heard the expression, "he's just not into you?" Well, he's not. I know it hard to hear and that it hurts, but, believe me that you're MUCH better off without this nimrod. He's lying to you and he's showing no respect to you as a girlfriend, lover, woman and human being. You know you deserve better. You know you do.

Leave him now. It is definitely not ok to have your ex GF's photos anywhere when you are in a new relationship. What an asshole. I can relate to this because my ex has pictures of me up. I did not know this. I got a call from his current GF. She wanted to know who I was since she found my numbers on his phone bills. When I told her, she said "you are the one with all the pictures on his house". She asked if we were together, I said "hell no, it has been 4 years". She said "do you know why your pictures are still up". I said "because he still wants me back". She said "I thought so". She is smart enough to move on. they had been together for 2 years. Move on please. It is not worth it. I don't even encourage my ex

It's revolting that your boyfriend keeps pictures of his ex-girlfriends and displays them where everyone can see them. He obviously enjoys torturing you and undermining your position as his current girlfriend. And don't buy into any of the crap he's giving you about his ex-girlfriends being just friends. It's just unnatural and weird to keep photos of your exes everywhere. Leave him now and don't leave any pictures behind.

Get out of this relationship now! God has better for you than this! If he truly loved you he wouldn't be doing this. You can find someone better. I'll be praying for you.

You boyfriend isn't crazy and neither are you. However, he is showing clear signs of not letting go of his exes, which means he isn't fully 100% present for you. You deserve to have someone who treats you like there is no one better and no one else in his life. People can indeed be friends after a break-up, but a healthy, genuine friendship after a breakup doesn't have one person still displaying pictures in the house.

We all have had realtionships end that we didn't want to end. After they do end, taking time to grieve fully is necessary before moving on to another relationship. That means taking whatever time is needed to do that, which many people underestimate. But rather than thinking of grieving time as a number of months, there is a simple test which works pretty well. If when a person thinks about an ex and either sadness or anger or both come up, then that person isn't done with grief and isn't ready to move on. If the person can think about an ex without either sadness or anger arising, then that's a pretty good sign they are ready to move on to a new relationship.

I hope this helps.