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What i am supposed to say to someone who has a physical crush on me and dont want to commit any serious relations

Published on February 6, 2010 by missing love

A man i got to know is only few months older than me and he thinks in marriage there should be at least few years age differance but he like to have a physical relation with no commitment for the age reason and his mom traditions is this is not acceptable for a marriage..all i need is a serious relation so how i can convince him with the age thing altough he is higly educated but so much influneced with his moms ideas. my age is 30 now


It honestly sounds like the age excuse is BS and he's just looking for someone to use for sex. If he wanted to have a committed relationship with you he would instead of making up excuses about your few month age difference and his mother. If you want a committed relationship realize you aren't going to get it from this guy and tell him goodbye.