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What is happening with us and what am I supposed to do?

Published on June 2, 2010 by xemzybaby10x

Okay, I have never been so confused about my relationship status in my whole life.

I really need some advice about where you think I stand on the scale of single/relationship in relation to my ex boyfriend who I have recently split up with, because seriously it's like a prostitutes underwear at the moment (on and off constantly).

Here are some random background facts about us. - We were together for 9 months, began as best friends and started dating/going out. - I hurt him a bit by talking to my ex during, and then towards end before I finished him he was talking to his ex.

So basically, what we are doing now is having sex and seeing each other quite often to see if we can really be together in the long run.

He has said quite a few times that we will wait untill the day before his birthday (22nd June) to decided if we can really be together without bringing up the past and hurting each other.

But, as we are still saying love you to each other and having sex I was just thinking its contradicting because one minute we are together and the next we aren't.

I was going to plan his birthday in York, a day trip so that we can have a bit of time together and realise that we want each other badly.

Im so confused, please tell me what you think?


Since you haven't had a serious conversation about if you want remain a couple yet, saying I love you and having sex all the time isn't really helping.

Wait until you have a chance to seriously discuss how you feel about each other, how you can move forward (if possible) again without being hurtful toward each other and then add sex back into the equation.

Men deal with sex differently than women. Women get caught up emotionally and men don't necessarily. Having sex with him now while he's "trying to decide" if he wants to be a couple, won't make him want to be with you, necessarily.