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what happened to this site/ dreams take 2

Published on March 1, 2010 by completely confused

I first joined and had an influx of answers to Q's I posted which really helped but recently the answers are few and far between, requiring me to re-post my Q b/c it falls to the third and fourth pages with no or one response. So once again...let's try my Q again

I've been having the same dream, or variations of it over and over least once every other night if not multiple times a night. I'm always talking to the same girl whom I know whether face to face, on the phone, online, etc. The dream always culminates with me asking her out or she asking me out. What gives? Sure I like her but I never thought THAT much. Is it a subconscious thing and I just don't realize it, or is it just a freak series of events? It's been going on for almost a week now. What do you think I should do about it?


There are a lot of questions on this site that still get a lot of answers. One of the problems might not be the site, but the the question itself. Some questions just don't seem to interest other people.

Also, one of the best ways to get answers to your questions is to answer some questions yourself. Go ahead and start commenting on other people's questions and feel free to ask them to give you insight on your question. This community, like relationships, is give and take. You can't just take :)

Also, I remember your questions from last week and you got a very insightful answer from a user. Often, if an answer is particularly insightful, some users move on.

But, I would try answering other people's questions and asking them for input on yours if you really want some insight here.

In response to your dream question: I don't put much stock in dreams. I don't think they are signs and signals, I just think they are our way of processing all the information we input into our brains on a given day. I don't know if the dream means you should ask her out or if you think she'll say yes. Maybe you are picking up on signals she is interested in you. It's hard to say based on the dream alone.

Can you provide context? How do you know this girl? are you friends with her? Are you attracted to her? What are your reservations about asking her out?

That makes sense and I do try to answer Q's when I get the time and feel I can have decent input. I also am just really flustered at people who will post the same Q every 1/2 hr b/c no one answers, pushing all other Q's down the list. My general rule of thumb is wait until the Q hits page 3 or 4 before re-posting so as to give the other Q's a shot to be answered

Take a risk. Start hanging out with her more. See where it goes. Maybe you do have unrealized feelings for her. However, this may be your subconcious feelings of wanting a relationship, no necessarily with her. You might feel alone or misunderstood and are craving the intimacy of a partner. Think of what she means to you. What does she resemble. Sometimes dreams aren't about the specific person themselves, but the feeling they represent.