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What exactly to do in cowgirl position...

Published on November 25, 2012 by thealicee

My BF has always taken charge in the bedroom- I'm 30 something, but I'm not "experienced" due to years of sexual abuse when I was younger.  It wasn't until him that I allowed mind & body to enjoy sex for the first time.  I want to take more charge but don't want to come across as a complete idiot.  Any tips?  What exactly do I do, or what feels best (for him)?  I enjoy the way that HE makes me feel, and I feel it's MY turn. 


simple ask him what positions he enjoys cz nt all guys are the same some guys like the cow girl some the ordinary positions...and there are tips on yourtango under the sex word i think dnt knw but u can try to search and try to search for the kamassutra positions online just to read abut the positions and have ana all in all idea. good luck

It doesn't really matter what you do - the fact that you want to take the initiative with him is the important thing (it really IS the thought that counts!) NOTHING is more sexually appealing in a woman than enthusiasm. The fact that you want to be in bed with him and please him is a heady drug all by itself. Anything you can do that conveys to him the message that you desire him and want to be with him is great

As for specifics on what to do in bed, take the direct approach and ask him what feels good. Giving him oral sex is a safe bet - there is not a man alive who doesn't enjoy recieving oral sex from his lady.

On a final note nothing makes a man feel better than giving his lady an orgasm and a really good time in bed - it's a HUGE boost to his ego (in many men, giving her an orgasm is almost as enjoyable as having his own orgasm). When you like the way he makes you feel, let him know it in word and deed.

P.S. Guys like the "cowgirl" position for two reasons. It gives him the best view of your body (it drives me wild seeing my wife's breasts bounce as we're screwing with her on top), and it's a position in which he doesn't have to do much work - he can lay back and enjoy the show.