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what does taking a break from sex mean?

Published on November 15, 2012 by ronfeb22

I am seeing this woman only once a week,this for last two months,she recently said she wants a break from sex,what does that mean?p.s. We'er not even in a committed relationship.p.p.s.she has a boyfriend.


That is a good question to ask the woman you have been dating. Asking for clarification is always a good idea when you do not understand when someone is being vague.

Are you taking her out for nice dinners each week? She may enjoy your company more as a friend than a lover. Perhaps she wants to continue having dinner with you but does not feel romantically inclined towards you. If this is the case, you need to decide if you want to be with someone that really is not interested in a relationship with you.

Today with the onset of Internet dating many men and women are dating several people at once. Although we don't know that this is the case, asking for clarification at this juncture is important so that you can make an intelligent decision for yourself. When you have all the facts you can decide whether you want to continue your weekly dates or not.

Honesty and trust are the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. If someone is leaving out important information, it is the same as lying. Practice good communication in all your relationships. Ask questions when you are unsure of what someone means. It feels as if you have only been given part of the story.

Don't be afraid to ask. What is the worst that can happen? You stop seeing her. Perhaps that will give you peace and more balance.

Do no be afraid to ask questions.

Uh, am I dense or are you saying that Miss TakeABreak was having sex with both of you? Now she says she wants to take a "break from sex" with you?

If you're not in a committed relationship and she already has a b'friend, seems that the sex between you is casual sex. Right?

Well I guess what she means is that having sex with both of you is too much exercise. You're just a body. No one special. And what she's saying is that it's tiring to be bonking both of you. Maybe she's grown a conscience. Maybe you gave her an STD. Don't know.

Best advice, dude, is to find another woman you have no feelings for and who has no feelings for you. Then get it on with her. Oh, and spend some time working on a conscience of your own.