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What does this mean?

Published on May 4, 2010 by katie d

I have known somene as a neighbour, mainly to say hello goodbye to. Anyway I aksed him for some advice as he is very knowlegdable in his profession. We chat over a wine, great conversation, great advice given by him. Further he helped me with letters by email, he also called me a week later with thr further advice to another letter and then the I asked him to come to my apartment for a wine, then ended cooking dinner....Great, night in the end he kissed me several times and was a gentleman then left, but said he would call.

Okay days goes by no call, I then text him over another issue that was realvant and said I would like to hear from him.

Text back from was sorry that he had crossed the line, that he is still coming to terms with his last relationship, but said he wanted for us to stay in touch and he would contuine to help me. Okay a bit of a shock I then left a message on his voice mail, saying ok etc.

He then followed up with a phone call, saying he hoped that he had not burnt a bridge, he ,we had a great conversation and I felt better, we ended it off with us both re flirting, me saying shame and I was looking forward to another kiss, him saying well you never know!!! THen finally me saying I will email you really soon, in terms of him still helping me.

At best I thinking we can stay friends, at worst I thinking that we have no future as lovers or a relationship.

You say?????


He's confused about what he wants right now. The next time that he decides he wants to make moves on you, you say "lets take things slow." That way, not only do you have the upper hand, but now he has to decide whether or not he understands where he stands when it comes to his emotions. Definitely don't jump right into things with this guy. It actually takes men longer to get over breakups, so respect what he has told you and if you cant? Then you know what to do! If you continue to do so; its fair game and you might get played. Good luck!