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What does it mean when a woman says she has dreams with you in them?

Published on November 12, 2009 by confusedpal

I was having lunch at this restaurant the other day and the girlfriend of a good friend of mine came in to pickup lunch for them and sat with me while she waited on her order. They have been going together for maybe a year or year and a half and I get along good with her just as I have my friends previous GF's. While she was waiting on her order and we talked, we came across the subject of dreams. I actually brought it up because she said something that reminded me of a funny dream. And she said that the past couple months all her dreams have been about me and her boyfriend. This kinda surprised me and I asked her if they were good dreams or bad dreams to which she replied both. Her lunch was ready and she left then. What do you think it means when she tells me she has dreams about me? I don't know if I'm comfortable with that information. She should not be dreaming about me, right? She should be dreaming about her boyfriend.


For now, I wouldn't read too much into this. I've known very few people that can exert any level of control over their dreams. I myself have noticed I have no control over what I dream about or what happens in the dream. She never really went into what you were actually doing in her dream, and aside from this you don't list any other possible problems that you see in your friend's relationship.

If this comes up again I'd say you have a couple ways to approach it. Obviously it makes you uncomfortable so you can let her know that. You can ask her what she thinks about these dreams. You can also ask what exactly happens in these dreams.

I would refrain from talking with your friend about it just yet. If she has never made a move on you or anything like that then these dreams could mean absolutely nothing or your presence in the dream may be symbolic of something that she is dealing with but actually has nothing at all to do with you. For now, talking with your friend could simply cause unneccessary stress in his relationship.

Think of it like much control do you have over what you dream about? I will say that for now, until you are able to really get the full scope of the situation, proceed with some caution when you are around her. If this is all really disturbing you that much then ask her if she can talk with you about it so that you can get the real facts.

when someone dreams about you and only you, it means they love u and want to fullfill those dreams. when its about someone else, its probably just something they think will happen. but when its both people, then you have a problem. when its a dream about 2 people, usually its hard for them to choose which one they want in their life. but dont worry about it. its probably something her mind wishes would happen. even we have fantasies about other people we know or dont know.