He likes you, but not for a serious relationship. In other words, he wants to be your friends with benefits.

Sweet, Don't fret. Because he has continued a friendship with you for so long means that you probably have multiple qualities that he does like! Ask him to try and define what he feels and how he "sees you" There are different types of "feelings." Many of them can be categorized into types of love like: Pragmatic- You are in love with the feeling that everything is practical Storgic- You are in love with a feeling of comfort like being best friends Agape- You are in love with the the undying (and seemingly unconditional) attatchement like you do with family members Erotic- Romantic love like wanting to emotionally bond and build a life with Manic- Like being a big Fan of somebody and Ludic- You are in love with the game-playing, excitement and sexual attraction

I had a FWB at your age and another one at 25. I ruined some good friendships, but you need to figure out what your situation is. :)