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what does it mean when he needs time away?

Published on May 10, 2009 by lost

my boyfriend, father of my 2 children, just go out of jail 2 months ago. i waited almost 1 yr and 1/2 faithful. i feel we havn't spend much time together for him to ask for time off. rigth now he's been gone for a week now. he tells me he needs to think and that he has alot of stress when hes at home, i do give him a hard time when he would want to go do something because i feel he's gonna get in to truble and end up in jail again. if that happens i'll be alone once again with the kids and its so hard for me. he tells me he loves me he just needs time but i dont understand time for what? we have a family.every time i wanna talk he never wants to.i know he loves me, but is he still in love with me? when he was in jail he promise me he would change but hes doing the same bad things. he lso said he wan't to prove to he that he could do it on his own. is it that he doesn't want me nomore or hes just confussed? i'm so confussed and sad i dont want to loose him, how do i make him understand that we need him and if hes out there hes gonna end up in jail and were gonna struggle alot...thanx for your help.......


Sounds like he just wants to be a single guy and be able to go and do as he pleases and will continue to do so unless you put your foot down. Either ditch him or he has to "straighten up and fly right." There is no sense in keeping someone around who has been in jail and who you feel will be in jail again around your children because what is that teaching them? Where is Daddy? In jail. Think about your situation here. Why are you hanging on to him? What does he have to offer other than being the kid's dad and memories? Sounds toxic to me.