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what does it mean when a guys says he does care about u and says i like you i like you a lot

Published on July 5, 2010 by caco23

I been seeing this younger man for over 2 years..its more like friends with benefits...but for five months i refused to see or talk to him. In that time his been calling me non stop the whole five months..So when we hooked up finally he told me he cares and likes me likes me a lot...still wants to see me but i'm completely done..He still calling me..Could it be his just crazy?? also his told me his drove by my place many times..we were never couple...he just likes to sleep around but i cant understand why he doesnt move on and leave me be


Good for you, as far as moving on. If you no longer want a relationship or FWB arrangement with him,then you should end it.

He's had his ego bruised, that's why he's still bothering you.

I always recommend a drastic step of changing your phone number or blocking his and not responding to him at all. If you're through, there's no reason to engage him at all.

If you feel threatened in any way, don't hesitate to get the police invovled and get a restraining order. You don't have to put up with him continuing to impose himself on you if you've made it perfectly clear it's over. Hearing from the police should stop him in his tracks.

Dear Hype48

This man is just immature. I would not trust anything he says. How can you not care about someone but really like you??? he is playing mind game with you and he is shock that you pulled the plug on him. Keep your ground and stop having contact with him. He appears to have some obscession with you by driving by. Keep track of what he is doing (drive by,phone calls) and report to the police. The police can call him to stop harrassing you Treat yourself better by not allowing friends with benefit in the future. We women tell ourselves that we won't get hurt, but the bottom line is we do. You can't allow the best part of yourself to give it for free. You are most more worth it than that. Good luck

Hyper48 you failed to mention that you are a married person and you have been seeing that scum bag for over 2 yrs. behind your husband's back. This guy is a former heroin addict and he sleeps with many women (Mostly married). I feel sorry for you for even putting yourself in that situation to begin with. You should keep track of all the phone calls this guy has been making to your job for almost a yr. now. You shouldn't have let it go on this long to begin with. Scum bags like this will get theirs one way or another! You should've never hooked up with him after 5 months of ignoring him. You are the typical woman that falls for sorry ass boys who want nothing more than what you have between your legs.

Good Luck!

I dont understand why women fall for sorry ass losers like this but who knows! Hyper48 I hope you are able to stay away from an obviously immature "BOY" like this who doesn't mind sleeping around in this day and age of AIDS and HIV!! He will never commit to anyone it sounds like because he is only after sex and doesn't mind hurting others!!


I'm not married and never have been. I think you have me mistaken for and old friend who hurt you. I'm sorry but I have NO idea what your talking about. It looks like your upset, very upset. God bless you!!!