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What does "I think I love you" mean?

Published on August 20, 2013 by pinky.petersen

I've been seeing my boyfriend for like more than 4 months now and I really think I've fallen in love with him but I don't know when, how or if I should say it. We are very open about everything to each other and it seems like we no longer have secrets kept from each other like we are best friends although we never really knew each other before we started dating.. the only thing we don't talk about is our feelings towards each other. He is very passionate though and never gets shy about public display of affection.. He is fond of kissing me anywhere we go even if it were in front of his friends and mine and he always likes to hold hands all the time. He does compliment me a lot about my looks and yes, he thinks I'm hot although I'm the boyish kinda girl but he also thinks I'm beautiful and he really loves it whenever I cook and that's when most of the time I get these confusing but well, overwhelming words from him.. Like I cooked something he really likes and he wouldn't stop complimenting me and kissing me because he seemed very happy about it and even when we already separated ways that night before he slept, he even sent me a text saying it was the best thing he ever tasted and said on the second message "You're a keeper!". Second thing that happened was just yesterday when he just came back after a few weeks vacation. I cooked for him last night and really liked it and without having tasted it yet, he said "I think I love you." I kinda ignored it though because I maybe thinking he was just saying it.. Well, actually I said.. "Come on" without even staring at him. (Was that kinda rude?)

I am really not good in reading between the lines or maybe I am just over-thinking.. I know this relationship is kinda new.. I am turning 27 and he is like a year and a half younger so that kinda makes it a little bit more confusing whether or not he is serious about this.

The past 3 weeks were the longest time we had not seen each other but then we kept in touch and on one of his messages, he said "I am also thinking about seeing you again all the time." He said though he has behaved nicely during the past 3 weeks on his trip and yes, I do trust him when he said that.

On one instance, I was with him and was very very drunk and I think I also said the "I think I love you" line and no, I can't remember what happened next.. what I know though is that he didn't freak out when I said it.

I am really on this state where I don't want to expect anything from this guy but then of course, if I am falling in love with him and he's not, that definitely will hurt. Over all, I am very happy to be with him and about us being together.


His behavior to you sounds very loving and caring. I would be more concerned if he were saying "I love you" but his behavior indicated otherwise (not being attentive, complimentary, caring about your opinions or feelings, etc). Don't push the matter. When a woman is very pushy about a committed relationship, many guys can get freaked out. When the woman pursues too strongly, the man tends to turn the other way. There is no need to try to force him to say something before he is ready to say it. He sounds like a great guy, in his own words, a "keeper." Just let love develop in its' own sweet time.

Guys tend to get flustered in their feelings. He's timid about coming across too strong, so when he says that, he's probably testing out your reaction to see if you feel the same way. I agree with Takara -- his actions speak louder than words! He sounds adorable.