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What does his behavior mean?

Published on September 29, 2013 by godschosen

Recently I was dating a guy for the first time I can say I had a spritual connection with. He intially caught feelings before I did. Told me he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He surprised me by professing his love for me to the world. We were in the process od making plans together for a future. The thing his he has a child from a previous relationship. She has made it very difficult for me because she wont let him have a new beginning and still allow him to be a father. I've seen his struggle. It got worst after she found out about him and I being together. Right when things were at an all time high between us, she decided to attempt to take him to court. I believe she did it out of bitterness. Randomly a week before his court date he broke up with me. There were no signs. I was devastated. Then he proceeded to lash out at me because of what he did. Then said he made a mistake for hreaking up with me and that he had so much going on. I respected his wishes for space. I then found out through mutual friends that he was moving in with his babys mother and his daughter. He didn't tell me anything even though he wanted me to wait until he got legal issues straight with her. Not surprising but after he moved the legal issues werw dropped. Now he hates me. He lashed out at we for praying for him and for sending him encouraging bible scruptures. His behavior makes no sense to me. He never spoke to me or treated me like this before. It was like he felt he had to chose between me and his child. I never gave him an ultimatum. I really believed God created him for him but I don't deserve this treatment. Advice please!!!!


We often want the "why" in a situation, especially one where we've been hurt, and yet the "why" doesn't matter, even if we could ever find the truthful answer. I have compassion for what you are going through, and the best advice I will give you is to be thankful that you and he did not get further along (married). It is clear that he doesn't fully understand what love is, and you are better off without him. So thank him and God for teaching you this lesson and for allowing you to move on. When one door closes, another opens, and with the added wisdom you have gained from this experience, your intuition will be even stronger. Take care of yourself, treat yourself in the best way, honor and respect and love yourself, and when you least expect it, the right guy will come along.