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What does he want from me?

Published on October 29, 2013 by hanzcobb

This guy I like, likes this other girl and I think, me as well, but I'm not certain. He has talked to me before and been flirtatious and other things around me, but these days I think he's much more interested in her, as he steals her hat and chases her, flirts with her, takes photographs of her etc. However, he still seems to notice me, will stare at me for an intense amount of time, gets really close to me on purpose, makes me jealous by using her, then will notice me again. His friends come close to me on purpose and laugh, things like that. So what exactly does this guy want from me?


Sounds like this guy wants to play games and isn't sure what he wants. I'm not sure how old you both are, but a mature guy isn't going to mess around and play games and use others to make you jealous. He'll let you know if he's interested or not.

He may not even know what he wants if he's leading both of you on at the same time. Ever wonder what this other girl must be thinking too?

I would honestly ignore him and send him the message you don't notice him. Get involved in your own thing and find other guys you're attracted to who don't play games to spend time with. If he's really interested, he'll probably confront you about it or he'll move on and you'll have your answer.

But don't waste your time with a game player, it only gets worse. Draw some boundaries for yourself now so you don't tolerate it later. Have some standards for yourself.

-YourTango Expert