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What does he really want?

Published on February 21, 2013 by maggiekay

I have been living with my best friend (I am female and he is male)for about half a year. We not only share the same apartment, we also share the same bed (it's a small apartment). We got very close as in, we always went everywhere together, he introduced me to his friends, I get invited to his parent's place occasionally etc. We also get along great, we talk about everything, he even shares things with me he tells nobody else. I have never been able to be open and honest and trust anyone like him before. Eventually, I fell in love with him, because he also does the very nicest things for me, he makes me laugh etc. etc. I told him when I was drunk one night and he told me that he did not feel the same way and that I was too young for him (I am 22 and he is turning 36). He repeatedly tells me not to fall in love with him as well. The problem is, his ex-girlfriends all were models, and I, I am not bad-looking, but I am your average girl next door...I don't do make-up and I AM the kind of person guys would call a best friend etc. Lately, we were out for lunch and he started telling me how much he desired me and how he kept thinking about the things he wanted to do with me, so this has turned into sort of a friendship with benefits. He said that he likes our relationship the way it is currently etc. etc. and does not want it to get complicated, and keeps reminding me that we are not dating. If I talk about other guys though, he gets jealous and wants to know every little details. He generally doesn't like any guy that tries to get in touch with me. He also keeps telling me things like "He wants me badly", "he hasn't felt this way in a long time" and "he feels great around me". When he is drunk, he also flirts with me all the time and everyone assumes we're dating when we're together. We're so close in every single way. I keep asking myself what I am doing wrong or what I could do about this. He doesn't see anybody and neither do I. :S