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What does a guy mean when he says..u take care and enjoy yourself?

Published on November 25, 2009 by pri

i met this guy almost 4 years ago..we hit it off for a week intially but his friend screwed things between us..we moved on but still kept in touch on and off..he tried to meet up and make plans, but i wasnt really interested as i had thing going on..but not almost 4 years along..we decided to catch up and its been 2 weeks since..we are in a relationship..but i dont know what exactly to call it..he as never had a girlfriend before and ive been married once before and have a daughter.. he has been used to his freedom and independence..and i guess this nameless relationship that we are having is all very new to him..

he has been nice to me..but doesn't really open up a lot of his thoughts..we meet almost everyday and stay over at each others place.. I dont know if this is going to go anywhere..but i really like this guy and wish that he feels something for me too..

He is very caring and says that he is very comfortable with me and that i make him feel young... but that is about it.. i dont know what that means !?

Today he left on a 6 week long vacation and i was at the terminal to bid him goodbye..we held on to each other for a long time..and just before he parted he told me.. u take care of yourself..have fun and dont think too much.. and then a goodbye and that he would see me in 6 weeks time... nothing else..does this mean that its just a casual relationship? or that he didnt know what else to say?

i worry that, me having a daughter might scare him a bit..we generally talk about her..but nothing very serious..just casual conversations... but he did once mention to me that he cares a lot about me and doesnt really want to hurt me..but im very confused.. can someone please advice me ??


In guy speak, you are a companion right now and thats about it. He is 'comfortable' with you. Note that he didn't say he finds you 'hot', 'sexy', attractive, 'beautiful', etc etc... any of those words mean sexual attraction, which leads to a relationship... being comfortable doesn't take you anywhere..... i know its sad but you wanted insight and thats what you get.

Also, you didn't say if you two were sexually involved but i would guess that you were. and thats why he said ' ... enjoy yourself' the meaning: he is going away for six weeks so he is saying 'you are free to enjoy sexually' mostly the reference is that you go ahead and release yourself... lol.. seriously. But mostly when men say that, it means they are going to do the same.

Having a daughter is a non-issue. You are making it an issue in your mind and thats about it. you said he has not been in relationship so there is big expectations gap between what you expect (from being in a committed relationship in the past) and what he may or may not know what to expect from you.

For anything to come out of you guys companionship, he needs to talk to you more, open up and say what he wants from you. otherwise you are taking a path that likely would not take you to anything tangible.

yes we have been sexually involved..he is 28 and i am his first..he is a very different sort of guy and has not been sexually involved with other girls..a kiss is as far as he has gone with this girl that he went out a few times..but the fact that he and i had something a few years back made it comfortable for us to want to do it..

He mentioned that he didnt want to do it with anyone else while he was with me..and i said that i felt the same way..but the thing is we never really spoke about what our relationship really is?? that is why i am a bit confused..he has been wanting to spend time with me a lot over the past week..just doing silly things like shopping or talking and walking around..i know it is a big step for him..and i can respect the effort he has been putting in...i also think that maybe he doesnt know how to express himself well, as he has never been in a similar relationship... however his actions sometimes mean more than words.. its just these small things that give me some hope that it will go somewhere.. but today after we hugged each other for a long time and then took a step back..he looked at me and said take care pri..have fun and dont think too much..i will see u in 6 weeks..i didnt know what to say...maybe i was expecting more..but its only been 2 weeks since we have actually been seeing each other.. so i guess..i am being silly...