It's hard to say definitively without some other details, however, I highly suspect that is a perfect reflection of his age and stage. There are 3 Spheres of Influence that determine where a person places their emphasis in life. Imagine 3 circles; one is small, one medium, one large. Of these 3 circles, one will be labeled Relationships, one will be labeled Self and other labeled Work/Mission. In a man who's in his early, post-college years through 30's or so, typically the emphasis is on Work/Mission while he's building a career and himself. That leaves the Relationship sphere as his lowest priority of the three. By contrast, a woman at the same stage in life tends to value Relationship much higher so there is sometimes a disconnect in priorities.

In other words, I highly suspect a man who says he has 'a lot going on right now which I guess is a good thing' is probably focused primarily on building his work/mission...and much less on Relationships. Sorry; I realize that's probably not the answer you were hoping for...