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What do you think about a woman asking a man to marry her?

Published on June 22, 2009 by notsocuriousgeorge

What do you think about a woman asking a man to marry her?

Are you more traditional? Is it ok for a woman to pop the question? If the man isn't the one to pop the question does that mean he's not ready to marry this person?


Hi there it's not commun for a girl to ask any guy to marry her. If the relationship has been around for few years and the guy do not make you a proposal it's ok to ask him about if he is interesting on marrieges - for example you can ask him are you interesting on getting marry ? but like i say only if you been with that guys for many years otherwise do not! i meet this girl one's around 5 years ago and in our second date she asked me to marry her and until today i never contact her or try to see here again. That scared me and my first impression wa that she wa desperated to be with a man or take advantage of me and later on divorce and set me up ! so Guy in general including me do not like that and we normaly are the one to propose good luck!!!

For me, personally, I wouldn't have a problem with my SO proposing. Its not a passage of time thing, or an I'm not sure I'm ready but she is kind of thing.

Men want to feel wanted as well, and I like a partner who is strong enough and confident enough to assert her self and her desires. As a person matures emotionally the level of people they become attracted to tends to rise, so its not like I'm going to get a desperate woman seriously asking me to marry her on our second date...usually they wait till the 4th! : D

Seriously though, just because the man isn't the one to pop the question doesn't mean he doesn't want to get married. He may really want to, but still be extremely scared of rejection.

I disagree. I feel that most men are very old fashioned when it comes to marriage, and I've NEVER seen a man be so afraid that he doesn't "man up" and get the job done. I think women are too much in a rush to be boyfriend/girlfriend, to move in together, to have a baby, to get married. Sheesh. That is why it seems like men are commitment shy, when in reality women just try to hurry things along and the guy is not there yet.

I think a woman should, in a romantic setting, let a guy know that she loves him and can see herself with him for years and years. How happy he makes her, how she looks forward to spending time with him and waking up next to him. You know, encouragement. That way he knows if he does get a ring and propose, you won't humiliate him by saying "Well, hmmm. Let me think about it and get back to you!" or "HELL NAW!"

I think it's great when a gal asks a guy to be her husband. Before anyone asks anyone else to marry, both parties need to be assured that that's what the other person wants and is ready for. Remember, plenty of men ask women for their hand, but plenty get rejected, so it's bound to happen sometimes when a woman asks a man. When your man feels like he is ready to shoulder the responsibility of marriage, he will let you know before he proposes, usually as a gauge to see where you stand on the issue.

I also have been told by one of my guy friends that while women corner the market on marriage fantasies, men experience tremendous joy from picking out a ring and recruiting family, friends, and strangers to help him make a proposal that will make you feel like the most beautiful lady in the world, because that's what you are to him.

I'm too traditional (read: chicken-sheet) to propose to a man. I'd be so afraid he'd say no or think I was trying to rush him into something. That's me though.

If he makes you happy and you've discussed the walk down the aisle with him already then get a ring, buy some knee pads, and let us know what happens! Good Luck!

im more of a traditional way. i think its not common for a girl asking a man to marry her. have a sit together and talk it over if both is ready to settle and have a family. if he isnt the one to pop up the question that doesnt mean he doesnt want to get married. maybe hes just waiting for the right timing to surprise you.