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what do you do when a man cannot make up is mind about a relationship

Published on May 22, 2009 by bsassie

I am dating a guy who has been married four times,and divorce four, at one point he tells me that he want to be married again, but he does not want to have sex until then,but after three months of dating we had sex so that went out the window. This is the kicker after a couple of weeks whent by he stop calling or communicating with me, then when I gave up on the relationship he started calling. He tells me that he cares about me a lot in which I care for him.I confuse about his feelings We both are in our fifties and I have never been married. I just want to know am I wasting my time, I really do care for him.


I'd go with AZangel on this. You know the saying, can't teach an old dog new tricks? Here is one of the proofs. Even after 4 marriages he is still unable to conduct a straightforward relationship. While you do care for him I'd take this as a sign of what the relationship will be like until you get married...and then its just a countdown to his 5th divorce. I guarantee that you can find a man that will stay true to his word and not just disappear for no that may actually be worth marrying.

Well, there is not much to go on....... but, I am thinking he got what he wanted & there's no mystery anymore so on to the next?! Doesn't make sense to me to say "wait for sex" then go back on that?! I hope he's not a smooth talker saying things that he THINKS a woman wants to hear just to score?! Sounds like he's a serial monogomist, doesn't know what he wants, but he'll commit till something better comes along?! I wouldn't want to be another # to someone. Sounds like he needs to $#!t or get off the pot! I don't know how long he was with his other wives. Maybe you all could start a club against such a thing?! Support in #'s!! Seriously tho girl, you're worth far more than how he's treating you! I hope things work out for you! =)

if a guy cant make up his mind about being with me, i just leave and when he makes up his mind he can come talk to me.if he decides not to talk to me then he obviously decided to let it go.which is good for me because that means i wasnt waisting my time with someone who doesnt want to be with me.

This guy is in his 50s and he's still being flaky? Run. Get outta there. He doesn't sound very stable at all.