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What do you do when a guy moves on to your bestfriend?

Published on January 9, 2012 by christina10

Ive been knowing this guy for about 6 months. We have hang out a couple times, tonuge kiss here and there, I guess you can say he's something like my dip....but the thing is that a few weeks or months back I really started to like him. We talk on the phone alot...FLIRTED a ton. My cousin knows him because she use to go with his twin brother so thats how I got to know him. But about a month ago or friend sent him a friend reguest on Facebook. She must have seen him on my page alot...but since then they have talk on there...texting and phone calls. Before all this happen I have known this girl for 13 years! I told her before she even really knew the boy or saw a picture of him , that I had kiss him several times. Now he's kinda dating her I think...Both of them talk sexual to each other and like each other. I dont know how I should feel. At this point I feel stupid and I feel that both of them are acting like whores.....So What Should I Do!?!?!?!?!?


Forget both of them.............they both need to get lost from your life. Love yourself see positive in yourself, make a few changes, join gym, or a hobby class....make new friends may be you find someone nice and you will walk with confidence in front of are not stupid stop thinking that. Its just a matter of time, the more you think the more it will bother you....just a few kisses means nothing it can be kiddish, he was never into you....It is easier said than done but being a spectator and showing that you are affected you are showing you are stupid....time to grow up

You should let it go. Sometimes things like this happen. You have to accept that you two were not dating. Therefore, he was single. Let them act how they want and you focus on your life instead of theirs.

Definitely move on from him. You weren’t exclusively dating so he has the right to date whomever he chooses. However, if you care about your friendship then you need to talk to your friend. Let her know how her actions made you feel. If she doesn’t understand or doesn’t feel bad that she hurt you then she is not really a friend and you need to end that friendship. In the future, if people treat you badly and you allow it then it is your fault. Do not be afraid to standup for yourself.