Hi there,

Most EVERYONE prefers enthusiasm when it comes to oral sex. Men, especially! Remember their penis is their universe. Putting your mouth on their penis and testicles is the HIGHEST compliment you can pay someone. When I do co-ed parties men always say "don't forget the balls" - be sure you are gentle with them but they do like alot of gentle and wet attention there. Be sure to give lots of eye and smile some. It should look like you're enjoying yourself. :)

Kataroo, great question and I'll give a little first hand info.

First, it's always been my preference for a decent amount of suction. The suction can be tiring and make take some practice to be able to go for more than a minute or two but if you can get that mastered you're almost home free. The second important part is to multitask your tongue into paying extra attention to the bottom side of the shaft near the head. That's the most sensitive region for most, and will make the process go quicker (assuming that's a goal). Last but not least, like BlissConnection mentioned, it is nice to have the balls massaged. If you can get those three things down, you shouldn't have any problems whatsoever.

Best of luck.

When a man is turned on, or up, lol, all his blood goes down to the penis. It becomes the most sensitive part of his body, or maybe it always is. The slightest touch sends shivers down his spine. It also gives him some sort of boost of power over you, which as we know a man likes to dominate in sex most of the time. It feeds his ego, no seriously it does. You are doing something that helps him in alot of ways. Yoe can make it a better experiance by using whip cream, honey, anything sweet. I hope the man returns the favor, a good unselfish man will! Have fun with it, and that will get you through.

Have you ever ask a guy why personally? I think it's the best feeling ever it has more to offer its like putting my penis in a pussy thats alive with a mind of it's own plus the different sensation you get when a women try different sucks,slurps, its a hell of a tease the beautiful part of it all is when a women is pretty and there's eye contact a makes a man feel so relax and accepted kind of like drinking a real cold beer after work.

I agree with most of the comments you have received, so I posted the question to my own man, and he said well its a sure bet not to get a woman pregnant! lmao, of course thats not the only advantage, but i use several sets of oral sex on my man. Make it different even just a bit each time, handcuff your guy 2 the bedpost can be fun. Pour choclate syrup or whipped cream on him, and let yourself go to town, the more creative you get, the more fun he has, and also enhances your curiosity thinking of the next one you will pull out of your hat! And here's a great trick also, do the job with a menthol in your mouth or an ice cube and watch him shiver! If you enjoy whats going on, and heres a real good trick, if u want him to last long, and believe me it works, my man lasts 2+hrs when i use ORAJEL ! This is used normally for pain on the gums, but put some on your lips and go down on him, it desenitizes a bit for a while and it wont cause your jaw to get locked after a while lol. Good lucK!