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what to do if your boyfriend is talking to his ex?

Published on October 8, 2012 by countrygirl17

i have been dating this guy for two months now and at first he wasnt texting his ex and now he is. he came and saw me lastnight and he was texting the ex the whole time then he came today and hung out for a little bit and he still was texting her. he has told me that they are like brother and sister. i just dont know what to do. i want to bring it up and talk about it but i dont know how to start the conv. i do trust him but people have told me that while he is with one girl he talks to two or three girls. help me i need advice!!!


There are many things wrong with this. For one thing, he is not "present" with you (ignoring you), if he's texting someone constantly while he's with you. For another thing, exes are in the past for a reason. They belong there. She is not his sister. She is a girl he once had sex with. You are a doormat if you stay with a guy like this. Players always give excuses like, "The girl is fat. I only like her for a friend." Or, "I can have female friends, and you can't control who I'm friends with." Or the line he's feeding you about how she's like a "sister."

There are guys out there who don't do this. Do yourself a favor. Have self love and self value, and go find him. You'll be much happier and not have to speculate. Good luck.

thank you for the advice. we hung out again today and we went to town today and he left his phone in the truck well i decided to hurry up and go read his messages and he was calling her baby and how he was sorry for what he had did. we have a fair coming up next week and he is gonna go spend a few hours with the ex girl and when he walks with me he said when he sees the ex he is gonna walk away from me. i dont think it is right and i tryed to talk to him but idk if it got through to him or not.

When you read what you did, you should have walked away and never looked back. You are the prize. A man has to put in daily effort and treat you like gold to stay in your life. He has shown you who he is. He's a cheater and will most likely always be. RUN far and fast. Work on your self esteem, because if you had self worth and self love, you wouldn't put up with this man for 2 seconds. Cut the losers loose, so you'll be free and available when the right one comes along. Get some books from the library on healthy relationships so you can recognize a good man next time. It's time to take the garbage out.