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What do I wear on a lunch date?!?!

Published on September 6, 2010 by lexis_cate

Hi all,

I'm going on a blind date/ first date/lunch date all rolled into one.....what in the world do I wear? Keep in mind, we live in a small midwestern town, so anything over the top is obviously out the window (and frankly, not my style anyway), but should I wear jeans, shorts, capris....I have no idea on this one.

Please help!!!!


Well, since you're going to lunch I would suggest a cute pair of capris and a nice t-shirt or casual button down blouse. No need to wear a ton of makeup or ridiculous high heels. Casual sandals or sneakers will do.

Be relaxed and have a good time. Not every date is meant to lead to something and when you're relaxed and being yourself is when you're most attractive to others.

Good luck!

I agree with Firefly1678! Something casual and relaxed is perfect. Make sure you're comfortable and be yourself!!