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what do i do?i still expect his call....

Published on February 3, 2010 by hurtsoul

well we had "this talk" about our was pretty sure that he doesn't have to do anything with me still as i was leaving he said that he'll call when he gets his phone back....(he still hasn't got the phone back (i gathered from one of my friend).............which means he still needs sometime to think....what do i do? why am i expecting so much??what if he never calls....just been 4 days after our talk.........please advice....i still love him.


It's actually hard for me to read and understand your question, but from what I can gather out of what your saying I'll try to give the best advice I can. You had a serious talk about your relationship and he said he'd call you but he hasn't for 4 days? That's the jist of it? I'm not sure what the problem or the "talk" was about, but I'd say just give him some more time (I'm also confused about whether he has a phone or not). If after a week he hasn't called, maybe that's your answer (that he isn't wanting to move forward/continue the relationship). You do have a right to know what's up, so I'd call him at maybe the 2 week mark and get the final low down on what the deal is. But if he said he needs some time, you should give it to him.

i think if he doesnt call after a week or so..that's his answer..if he does have a phone back and doesnt bother to call you then he is not interested in talking to you..if he is not interested in talking to you then it is time to move point for you to keep loving someone who doesnt love you is only going to bring you pain.