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What do i do when i've fallen in love with my BestFriends Brother

Published on December 4, 2010 by jordan94

 Well i' used to go to church with his sister and him, and i've liked him since i was a little girl. Im 15 years old aobut a year ago. I spent the night over My Bestfriends house and she was sleeping. I was wide awake and so was he. He stole my pellow and i fallowed him in his room. Well, i was nervous. And he gave me obvious hints but i was playing stupid. He started getting cocky and he kept asking me if a was scared to be alone with a boy. and of course i said no. He's like i bet you are. and i was like NO, I Aint. He said Prove it then. and we kissed..well and one thing led to another..dont worry im still a virgin. but something happened between my mom and his mom and dad, and my parents stoped letting me over his house. and we just started going back to church with them. He's a major player, but he tells the girls that nothing id gonna happen after that night. Well he still flirts MAJORLY with me and ever since that night with me and him i cant stop thinking about him. i've cryed so many nights over him it isnt even funny. I Think im inlove, ive felt this way over a year, and i still get chills when im around him. I hanged out with him and his siter the other wensday and he was spreded on the couch and he put his leg on me and my bestfriend. He started shaking his leg and i was so nervous my whole body started shaking. i had to tense up to stop shaking. and i looked in his eyes when i stoped shaking and he starred right back into mine. well i hate guys with brown eyes and i dont know why but within those 3 seconds of looking at each other i fell absolutally inlove with him. but he wont stop talking about other girls right infront of me. his sister says he dont pay no mind to me, but i still feel a connection. i really think he does too. What should i do??


Well,I can't tell you how to feel,but I can tell you that 15 is way too young to be thinking about a serious relationship! And from what you have said it is pretty clear what is going through this boy's mind as far as what he wants out of this and if you let that happen you will be making a terrible mistake! I also know that at this age it is very easy to mistake infatuation for love. When I was your age I thought I was in love,but looking back on it now I realize I wasn't. Don't be in such a hurry to grow up,and DO NOT let anyone talk you into something that you KNOW is wrong! God knows when the right time for you to be with someone is and in His timing you WILL be. For know,keep going to church and trying to live right and enjoy being a kid. You'll be in my prayers.

Life is full of choises,u just have to pick the right ones.hes not worth ur time,i know exactly the kind of man he is.just wait n prepare urself for a healthy future